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Membrane Restoration Systems

in the Kinsman, Vienna & Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and New Vienna, IA areas

Membrane roofs are among the most common types of flat roofing available in the industry. These membrane roofs are found over commercial and industrial businesses all over the Kinsman, Vienna & Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and New Vienna, IA areas. These roofs are at particular risk of cracks and leaks because of their flat design, which collects water on top of the roof. To ensure the quality of your membrane roof, call Weather Lock Roofing LLC for our restoration services.

We recommend restoration for aged membranes that are showing signs of weathering. Once these signs are present, you're more likely to have leaks and cracks. Our restoration services include waterproofing, protection from wild weather, and a reflective surface. We can touch up your roof's white membranes and help you improve your home's energy efficiency. Extend the life of your membrane roof with help from Weather Lock Roofing LLC.

SPF Roofing System

Restore your SPF roof with help from Weather Lock Roofing LLC. An SPF roof is effective at protecting your property from the elements outside. That's because it features high-quality insulation that controls the filtration of air and keeps your property comfortable. With an SPF roofing system, we can help you lower your heating and cooling costs while giving your property strength and durability over its head.

Weather Lock Roofing LLC can restore your SPF roof by repairing signs of damage and resealing the entire roof with a reflective coating. Our SPF application will put a stop to air infiltration and energy loss, provide the full insulation you desire, add strength, and ensure proper drainage.

Single Ply Membrane System

A single ply membrane roofing system features quality thermoplastic membranes that are secured together to create a strong, durable roof that keeps water out and harnesses energy inside your property. Trust Weather Lock Roofing LLC to protect your flat roof with our single ply system.

Weather Lock Roofing LLC can work on a single ply membrane system that stops leaks, protects your property from wind and hail, offers fire resistance, and increases your home's energy efficiency. Our reflective single ply surface can be counted on to perform well in any type of weather at any time of year. Ask about the warranty available on a single ply membrane roof from Weather Lock Roofing LLC. Servicing the Kinsman, Vienna & Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and New Vienna, IA areas.

Fabric Reinforced Roofing System

Weather Lock Roofing LLC of Kinsman, OH is a trusted choice to install Conklin's popular acrylic coating on flat roofs in Kinsman, Vienna & Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and New Vienna, IA. This fabric reinforced roofing system ensures your building will be free of troubles such as leaks and cracks. We apply the acrylic coating to a durable, flexible fabric. While our fabric reinforced roofs are lightweight, you can expect them not to crack or rupture.

For a strong, energy-efficient roof, ask about the fabric reinforced roofing system from Weather Lock Roofing LLC. This roofing system can be applied quickly, reinforcing your seams and adding a dirt-resistant finish. You'll love the look of this quality coating over your roof!

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We'll fix up your damaged built-up roofing system

Built-up roofs are sturdy and can help you save a lot of money on your energy bill. But over time, your built-up roof is going to take some damage. If you need built-up roofing repair services, contact Weather Lock Roofing LLC. We'll use the best materials available, so you won't have to worry about future repairs and can continue to save on your energy bill. We'll also complete the process quickly and make sure you're satisfied before we go.

Contact us today to arrange for built-up roofing repair services. We serve the Kinsman, Vienna and Youngstown, OH, Altoona, PA and New Vienna, IA areas.